Creating a modern design in an architectural family home

Notting Hill, London

Project Vision

To transform this client's Regency terraced house into a home with a modern, practical and clean style.

Project Delivery

In preference to ignoring the classical architectural elements in the property, our team procured contemporary pieces which, rather than turning their back to the building’s personality, took a bow to it.  A family member’s dust allergy meant that rugs were to be kept to a minimum, so we warmed up the spaces with rich tactile elements while keeping the palette neutral.

In a perfect demonstration on how to weave together not only styles but also budgets, a bespoke solid walnut dining table is admired by two Ikea display units, while in the Lilla Huset (a Swedish Little House), a hand crafted miniature fireplace surround and deer trophy oversee toys and playing children.

Quotation icon
We loved the challenge of combining the buildings beautiful regency architecture, with the more contemporary Scandinavian style preferences of the Swedish client. The end result was a functional and stylish family home that maximised natural light and worked perfectly with the more quirky and fun furniture specified. We particularly loved creating a children's area with a Scandinavian twist in this home - ‘Lilla Husset’. Everything was scaled down for a child, even the fireplace!
Mia Karlsson-Matthews
Project Lead