Modernising a period property

Belsize Park, London

Project Vision

Merging two apartments into one practical and stylish home in a period building for this couple whose children had flown the nest and were ready to get creative with a space just for them. This couple was an absolute delight to work with as they were from an engineering and artistic background and were keen to include their influence. 

Project Delivery

Extensive and challenging construction work was required to combine the two apartments including a brand new staircase and a moveable wall with hidden hinges which allowed new furniture to be carried in and out. Bespoke joinery was designed and installed extensively to maximise the benefits from the uneven levels and walls typical of period homes.

We used the clients’ personal pieces as inspiration for the colour palette for the living space and were thrilled to install lighting designed by the client, as well as their own artwork which features heavily throughout the home. 

Quotation icon
Mia and her team did an excellent job in all respects. We fully appreciate her attention to detail, sourcing of good products and access to skilful and reliable subcontractors. She was enjoyable to work with and her enthusiasm was contagious