Reimagining a modern new build family home

Crouch End, London

Project Brief

This design led client had an existing love of unique, one of a kind pieces which had worked perfectly in their last home, but felt a little out of place in such a modern new build. The challenge? helping them to completely reimagine the space, creating warmth, comfort and interest in what was essentially a white box.

The space has full height windows at either end of the property so making use of this incredible light was of course a big part of the brief. We wanted to create zones, whilst still allowing the light to flow through the whole space. We also needed to find a way to display an extensive collection of books, making them part of the scheme rather than hiding them away.

Project Delivery

We started by creating zones with bespoke joinery to house books and vinyl's whilst still letting plenty of light through. The minimal, slick TV unit with built in biofuel fireplace gave a nod to the modern style of the building without being an imposing feature. We included a blend of soft and geometric shapes, and plenty of texture to create contrast and interest.

The chosen colour palette was warm and comforting with pink and red tones which subtly change throughout the day depending on the sunlight.

At the back of the property we wanted to soften the glass and steel banister, whilst also making the most of the full height window so we designed bespoke planters to create a private, cosy corner for reading and relaxing, which also elevated the view of the area from downstairs. Vertical panelling was added to the full height of the property, drawing the eye up to the impressive pendants.

Quotation icon
Working with such a design led client was an absolute joy. They very much shared our love of unique one off pieces, and were so open to our joinery suggestions. The before and after photos from this project look like two completely different properties which is a sign of a successful transformation. This is a totally reimagined space. We hope they love it!
Nabil Rubeiz
Creative Director